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Regional and seasonal products.

The idea of eating regionally and seasonally!

Healthy food doesn't have to be a luxury!

Enjoyment is very important to us! That is why we mainly use regional and authentic seasonal food in our restaurant.

This not only ensures healthy food, but also supports regional farmers.


Regional and seasonal products.

The Haschenbroker country pig

The name "straw pig" literally says it all:

We only use meat from the Haschenbroker Landschwein vom Hof-Deye for our schnitzel.
The "Haschenbroker Landschwein" comes from the beautiful little village of Haschenbrok in the middle of the Oldenburg district, it is kept on straw and in the outside climate with plenty of space. More complex for the farmer couple (Torsten & Kerstin Deye), but much better for the animals.

You can taste it!


Local products from the region are used to prepare the dishes in our restaurant.


The keeping of the animals on straw, as practiced here, is rare. Classically, pigs are kept on concrete floors with crevices. The Deye family relies on straw, which is more complex for the family business, but much better for the animals. The animals use the straw extensively to play, and when they want to rest, the thick bedding means they always have a soft surface to lie on.


Hof Grote

Regional and seasonal products.

Hof-Grote - the real box!

Because of this special responsibility, the sustainability and quality of our products are very important to us. That is why we make sure that all resources are used efficiently and conscientiously in our daily work. Hof-Grote in Beverbruch.

Regional and seasonal products.

Hof Geil Butjading

The Ögens farm is located in the grassland area of ​​Butjadingen, a few minutes' walk from the North Sea.

There his 80 Angus cattle enjoy lush greenery and fresh North Sea air from spring to autumn.

Sensible agriculture where the animals are outside and get what they have always eaten.


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