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Fourth generation family business.

Every stone breathes history.


We, the König family and our employees, are happy to be there for you and look forward to satisfied guests.

Our inn was built in 1910 and has been in the family for four generations. 


We want to keep the tradition and philosophy of our family and combine it with modern 

combine facets. Your satisfaction is our claim!


And this is how it turned out:


The history


In 1902, J.Holzenkamp from Lutten rebuilt an old farmhouse in Beverbruch that he had bought in Bösel.

In 1903 he was granted an economic license and ran the inn quite successfully.

In 1908 J.Holzenkamp sold to H.A. Eilers from Thölstedt

In 1910, H.A. Eilers sold it to Otto Witte from Cloppenburg

In 1922 the entire building was demolished and replaced by a new building. But as early as 1928 the available space was no longer sufficient and it was enlarged again. In addition to the restaurant, Otto Witte also ran a flourishing cattle trade and farm. 

Otto Witte died in 1955, after which his daughter Josefine took over the business together with her husband Heinrich König.

In 1956 the business was expanded with the construction of a hall. The events that were previously held in the hallway could finally be held here.

between cows and horses.

In 1976, Otto König and his wife Heike took over the business. In the same year, the hall was expanded and renovated.

In 1987 a new bowling alley was built.

In 1988 the hall was enlarged and modernized again

In 1994 the first hotel rooms were built

In 2006 the new restaurant was built

In 2008 more hotel rooms were completed.

In 2013, Silke König and her husband Bernd took over the business. The hall was renovated in the same year.

2014 Renovation of the first hotel rooms, modernization of the business and expansion of the kitchen.

2015 Another project in spring 2015 was the creation of what we call a "wedding garden".

2018 Conversion of hotel rooms and gardens.

2021 Modernization of the kitchen and kitchen appliances.

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